FINMA’s roundtable on Blockchain

THEVOZ Attorneys attended FINMA’s roundtable on Blockchain which took place in Bern on May 10th 2017 before a sell-out crowd. FINMA’s staff and expert speakers specially selected for the occasion were present. During this session, various topics were discussed among which  :

1. FINMA’s policy regarding Blockchain’s apps, more specifically in connection with cryptocurrency;
2. Fintech-Desk: your FinTech business model under FINMA’s scrutiny;
3. Blockchain, an opportunity for Switzerland’s financial marketplace;
4. Blockchain – from experimentation to production;
5. Blockchain and financial markets supervision.

This roundtable was an opportunity to gain insights into the way FINMA deals with an application filed by a FinTech based business model. With all these useful clarifications, THEVOZ Attorneys’s financial markets team would be delighted to help you out to get through the process of filing an application and obtaining an authorisation for a FinTech based business model.