Successfully managing regulatory updates and avoiding risks of liability

We are happy to invite you to our seminar. The seminar topics will be the following:

Safely weathering the regulatory storm: how to manage the changes while keeping the client in the centre of the activity

Jacques Fournier, partner, Swiss certified accountant and auditor authorised by FINMA, BDO SA

David Violi, attorney-at-law, BDO SA

The client, your best enemy: how to avoid risks of liabiliy

Olivier Thévoz, partner, attorney-at-law, Swiss certified fiduciary expert, THEVOZ Attorneys

Adrienne Salina, attorney-at-law, LL.M. in banking & Finance, THEVOZ Attorneys

Gérer les nouveautés réglementaires avec succès et pallier les risques de responsabilité

If you want download the flyer of the seminar, click on the link below:Flyer GFI programme_juin 2016.

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